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Oct 16, 2018 · Get Prepared for Chaos Descending! Read on for a list of the features that will be coming to EverQuest II in the upcoming expansion, Chaos Descending!
Lore and Legend quests are started by examining a special book or examining the first body part you find for that race. Either way, you will not get auto updates until you have the quest. i have been hunting in dsp (dawnshourd peeks) and waanted to know if i would be able to hunt here yet am i too low if so where should i go because dsp is filled with dark blue who run the whole zone till u kill them (i need moeny for a way better weapon) and reds where should i go for money and exp with a 30 beastlord (ktorsa) should i try to grop here till 35 or what?? The tank responsible picking up the Wraith when it spawns and for picking up Zarrakon when the tank that has aggro gets a Wraith. Also, tank communication is KEY and its required that tanks have the ability to dynamicly swap when a tank has a Bloodcurse. (red or purple vision) DPS Strategy. DPS the wraith down and then DPS Zarrakon down.

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Dec 14, 2016 · Class forums are intended for ALL play styles. PLEASE make use of the Prefixes to specify if your thread is targeted towards Solo, Heroic, or Raid characters. The same AA spec, Spell rotation, or Adornment strategy that works for a progression raid guild doesn't work in Tier 1 grouping.
also casts Crippling Strike - A very large DD with Snare and Melee Slow. 4 tick duration. Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo] <Rise of Kunark> Enter a custom location to show on the map: 21 POI's in Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold [Solo] UID ...

The One That Got Away in Antonica; The One That Got Away in Sundered Frontier; Antonica. Blarton asks you to find Ol' One Eye at Windstalker Pond and return to him. The reward is experience, as well as opening the Fishing For Bait quest.
also casts Crippling Strike - A very large DD with Snare and Melee Slow. 4 tick duration. So I pre-purchased the Chaos Descending expansion and decided to buy the one that allows the use of the Merc Skando Eyespot for all characters starting at level 20. Since the patch on Nov 20th the devs locked the zone for only 100+.

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Runnyeye Citadel is the underground home of the Runnyeye clan of Goblins. Their tunnels wind their way through the hills, carving deeper and deeper down into the depths. There are rumors that the Runnyeye clan of goblins are allied in some strange way with the evil eyes ruled by King Xorbb, working together to expand both of their domains.
Use the silvern phial to gather some smoke from one of the minotaurs' fires 0/1 (Valley of King Xorbb) For this you must right-click the silvern phial on a cloud of smoke in minotaur camps (as indicated by on the map) Nov 27, 2007 · Solusek's Eye Zone Review - Recommended level: High 40 - Low 50. Soluseks Eye, reached through Lavastorm, is a big dungeon for those in the higher 40's to lower 50's. Right at the start there are some gnomes, they will ask you to blow up some enemies a bit deeper in, the quest line from there will eventually lead to some nice rewards.